giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Alternative Tentacles

Alternative Tentacles

is an indipendent record label based in San Francisco.
It was originally used as the label name by the Dead Kennedys for the self-produced single "California Uber Alles", and after realizing the potential for an independent label, they released records for other bands as well.
Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray and singer Jello Biafra formed the original Alternative Tentacles partnership, but the label is now run by Biafra, who became the sole owner in the mid-1980s. In addition to musical acts, Alternative Tentacles also publishes spoken word albums, many by Jello Biafra himself. Another common theme of Alternative Tentacles records over the years has been the long-standing artwork of Winston Smith, which has graced many of their records, their logo, catalogs, posters, and the famous Mona Mohawk shirt.

We found it!
And it's now avaiable in our vintage wardrobe!

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