mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

domenica 5 dicembre 2010

Hosono Haruomi for Namco

Week-end à Rome Ringtone!


Tired of those classic Nokia tunes?
sick of polyphonic ringtones?
Don't worry, Bla Bla Shop thinks about everything!


martedì 30 novembre 2010

Timex Social Club - Rumors 7''

The Timex Social Club
is an american band formed in 1982 by students of Berkeley High School in California.
The group was originally known as The Timex Crew with members Marcus Thompson (founder), Gregory "Greg B" Thomas, Michael Marshall, Craig Samuel and Darrien Cleage.
By 1985 the group and the name Timex Social Club was born. They specialize in both old school
hip-hop and the merger of urban R&B, which were later known as new jack swing.
The group's first release was the mega hit 12 inch single entitled "Rumors"/"Vicious Rumors".
The success of the single "Rumors", prompted hip hop impresario Russell Simmons to hire the group with new replacement lead singer Fred "Buz" Busby as the opening act on Run DMC's Raising Hell Tour the summer of 1986. Other acts on the tour were Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and Whodini.

Mercury Records 1986
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lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Bla Bla Shop Necklace on Cosebelle Magazine

Photo: Roberta Krasnig (Studio Repossi), at 7 Min
Stylist: Cristiana Rivellino Santella
Make up and hair: Laura Rinaldi (HM Battaglia)
Model: Kim (Joy Models)
Assistant: foto Alan Grillo Spina

cosebelle magazine

Pen on paper, well, finger tips on keyboard. I go through periods where I’m prolific with writing and then have a lapse,
this is because I’ve got projects in my mind and some others on paper; when they're on paper,
they're on Cosebelle Mag :)

sabato 27 novembre 2010

Humor Graphic

Humor Graphic, founded in Milan in 1960 by Luciano Consigli, is a graphic and illustration "magazine-book" of critical humor.
It laughs on the problems of human beings through the language of design.
The magazine made his debut with two collections of illustrated books: "Graphic Humor Cocktail" (edited by Club del Libro, Milan) and "Furniture Graphic Humor" (edited by Panorama Pozzi, Milan).
From 1965 it comes with a numbered series of monographs, featuring the best italian names of humoristic illustration.

HUMOR GRAPHIC: issue n°30 RITUS (1991)

HUMOR GRAPHIC: issue n°24 MAGIA (1984)
HUMOR GRAPHIC: issue n°22 ALFA BETA (1982)

HUMOR GRAPHIC: issue n°31 ENERGIA (1992)


Disegni di:
Athos, Barletta, Biassoni, Bonfante, Bosich, Caldanzano, Carnevali, Caligaris, Cattoni, Congiu, Consigli, Contemori, Core, Cragnolini, Cremonesi, Crepax, Dall'Aglio, Dradi, Emco, Falcone, Farahzad, Fremura, Garola, Gattia, Henry, La Pietra, Locatelli, Lopez, Mah, Maldini, Mangone, Marampon, Masoni, Marini, Mele, Migliorati, Mongiardo, Mutschlechner, Osuchowska, Ricciuti, Rossetti, Schmidlin, Sajini, Sironi, Skiaffino, Sogno, Tallarico, Tedeschi, Testa, Traglia, Zorat.

"Humor Graphic" magazines

are avaiable in our

Vintage Bookshop

martedì 23 novembre 2010

♡ Nice-sweet-tender-teen pillow fight that makes the world a better place ♡

Photographer: Anna Poggioli
Models : Francesca Z & Sailor Moon
Styling: Bla Bla Shop
Location: someone's bed, Bergamo

Mimì Bertè - Se mi gira l'elica

sabato 20 novembre 2010

Sid Laverents, the amateur film maker.

Sidney Nicklas "Sid" Laverents (August 5, 1908 – May 6, 2009)
was an American amateur filmaker, who started making films at home in 1958, when he was 50 using a 16-millimeter Bolex Camera.
Recognized as one of the industry's most successful hobbyists, his 1970 film Multiple SIDosis is one of the few amateur films to have been selected for inclusion in the National Film Registry.
It was a nine-minute film that features multiple images of himself playing various instruments to the tune of the Felix Arndt song Nola. The film, which took four years to complete, begins with Laverents opening a Christmas present of tape recorder from his third wife, Adelaide, which he uses to play the song accompanying himself by humming, whistling and playing many of the instruments he had used in his one-man band. With the technology available at the time, he added the additional images of himself by re-exposing the film multiple times to include 11 images of himself using custom-designed equipment that he had developed to ensure that the sound and images were synchronized during the re-recordings. The multiple re-exposures meant that an error on any of the dozen images would require starting from scratch.
Laverents lived in Bonita (California), and died at age 100 on May 6, 2009 in Chula Vista (California) due to pneumonia.

It opens on Christmas morning, with an extremely square-looking Mr. and Mrs. Laverents opening their presents, but don't let that scare you away. Adelaide has bought Sid one of the early consumer sound-on-sound reel to reel decks (an Akai M8), which he proceeds to play with, creating a multi-tracked version of the song Nola (one of those tunes you recognize instantly, but can't identify). It gets psychedelic as Sid adds to his foundation of ukulele and metronome, layering on tracks of ocarina, banjo, whistling, beer bottles and jews harp.

Bla Bla Shop is already thinking about christmas, and this is a little present we want to share with you


domenica 24 ottobre 2010

one day at the flea market with bla bla shop

Last Sunday me and my friends decided to visit a peripheral flea market for a change (we've been too "locals" lately)

lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

JULIAN KEY The inventor of advertising posters without text.

Julian Key is the artist name of Julien Keymolen, the well known illustrator artist of Zaventem.
He has dedicated all of his professional live to commercial poster design with a remarkable effectiveness.
The techniques he has been using is silkscreen printing, drawing, pastel and painting.

Julian Key (1930 - 1999)

"Lait" Poster for an advertising campaign promoting the drinking of milk in Belgium. by Julian Key 1956

"150 jaar Spoorwegen" by Julian Key 1985

"Tigra" by Julian Key 1965
"Assubel, l'assureur qui ne vous laisse pas tomber". Assubel is a live insurance company.

mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

THAT! dog

That Dog (styled as that dog.) was a Los Angeles-based rock band that formed in 1991 and dissolved in 1997.
The band consisted of Anna Waronker on lead vocals and guitar, Rachel Haden on bass guitar, her sister Petra Haden on violin, and Tony Maxwell on drums. Their punkpower-pop songs were full of hooks and many layered vocal harmonies.

The group began when Anna and a friend, Jenni Konner, began writing short punk songs about boys in her bedroom. Waronker had known Petra and Rachel Haden since high school, so they fluidly found their way in to playing her songs with her. Mutual friend Tony Maxwell picked up the drum duties.

Their first album, which was self-titled, was originally released on a limited run as a double 7" on the independent label Magnatone Records in 1992. It was soon after re-released on cassette and compact disc by Geffen. During this time, the band was good friends with, often played on records by, and toured with label mates Beck and Weezer. Members contributed to the Beck songs "Girl of My Dreams" and "Totally Confused", as well as Weezer's "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams", all released as B-sides by the aforementioned artists.

01 old timer.
02 jump.
03 raina.
04 you are here.
05 just like me.
06 she.
07 angel.
08 westside angst.
09 she looks at me.
10 punk rock girl.
11 zodiac.
12 family functions.
13 she looks at me (reprise).
14 paid programming.
15 this boy.