lunedì 28 marzo 2011

HOW TO: Update Your Wardrobe with Bla Bla Shop

I decided to make this post because, during these new season days, when its time to go out, I always stare at my wardrobe for half an hour without knowing what to wear.
I feel like all my clothes got a bit frumpy and doesn't fit my personality anymore...well, I guess it's the right time for an update.
SO, If you turn up your nose too when you open your wardrobe doors, here's my 10 tips, to make targeted purchases.
It's an easy fix that won't take long and cost a fortune if you shop smart.
The trick to refresh your style, is just by adding some well-chosen new items into the mix!

1: Open your closet and figure out what items you use the most

2: Consider the shapes of your current items. If you don't want to look like a sack of potatoes (I'm alright with it) , alternate tight with wide.

3: If you're about to throw away something, remember you have scissors somewhere.

4: This is the year of color mix-ups and patterns matching, so keep in mind what you already have and don't be afraid to mix them as you would never do usually.

5: Realize which shoes are ok for spring and summer. If the shapes or the material of yours are not suitable, invest in some fancy pieces that are perfect to wear with skirts and hot pants.

6: Handmade your own accessories! I'm getting mad on youtube tutorials, and if I made it, you can do it too! no doubt.

7: Get Inspired! Make your own research, look at magazines, books and blogs to gain an idea of the image you want to build up. It is always a good idea to remain open minded at stores, but having a direction will prevent you from buying unnecessary items, so, keep in mind what you need while browsing.

8: No need to go overboard. Some clothes can be very versatile, it depends how you use them. Just two or three pieces that look absolutely great on you will do wonders for your wardrobe and will make you sing THIS

9: Consider updating also your makeup if needed. For example, I've bought an orange lipsick and yeah, something as simple as a new lip color can really lift your spirits, trust me.

10: Check and re-check and re-re-check and re-check-check.


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